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Mastectomy, Lumpectomy, Etc...

Partial Breast Forms for Breast Anomalies

Get Even With Your Bra

Regain Balance, Softness and Natural Contour When Experiencing Breast Asymmetry

A Simple Solution

If you’ve had breast conserving surgery or breast reconstruction—or if your bra doesn’t fit right for any reason—it’s time to get even.  The solution is partial symmetry enhancers designed specifically for women who experience breast unevenness naturally, or following breast conserving or reconstructive surgery.

If a woman has any asymmetry of her breasts, she will have difficulty finding a bra that fits.  More importantly, she often has a negative self-image, feels self-conscience about her appearance and compromises her choice of clothing to hide the unevenness of her breasts. Partial breast forms can solve that problem. Sometimes called symmetry enhancers, partial forms help women regain symmetry by filling in missing breast tissue. The forms fit inside any fashion bra, enabling women to wear, with confidence, the clothing styles they enjoy.

Partial symmetry enhancers are the perfect solution for the following situations:

  • To regain symmetry after breast conserving surgery
  • To balance naturally uneven breasts
  • When plastic surgery is not an option because of irradiated skin
  • To maintain balance during the reconstruction process
  • After reconstruction to adjust for weight gain or loss
  • To offset the imbalance that results from the natural aging process

A Better Fit Is Taking Shape

Partials are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, contours and colors to supplement missing tissue and ensure a symmetrical, natural appearance. They are made of medical grade silicone that is soft and supple, warming to the same temperature of the body for a completely natural feel and look. They have thin, tapered edges to provide a smooth, invisible transition to the body.  Some models have a moldable back for a more contoured chest-hugging fit. Others are self-adhering for complete peace of mind.  And if the off-the-shelf models aren’t quite right, custom forms are available that are hand-sculpted and colorized to match your remaining breast as closely as possible.

Some partial breast forms are designed to cover the breast completely, adding even fullness over the entire breast area to hide any irregularities and restore a natural silhouette.  They are also used to soften and contour implants following breast reconstruction.  Others are shaped to fill in cavities, or hollow spots, sometimes created by a lumpectomy or segmental surgery.  All will feel completely natural, fill out bra cups evenly and help restore a balanced figure.

Partial forms simply slip into any fashion bra or specialty pocketed bra.  The results are immediate; creating a smooth look that allows women to wear sheer blouses and figure-hugging sweaters and dresses with complete confidence.

What Every Woman Needs To Know

There are many products available today that can help women restore the symmetry lost following breast conserving or reconstructive surgery and developmental anomalies, although most women are not aware that these specialty products exist and are easily available to them.  Unfortunately, they “make due” with padding and loose-fitting clothing.  What’s more, for women who have had surgery due to breast cancer, partial symmetry enhancers, breast forms and specialty apparel are covered by insurance.

Achieving breast symmetry is extremely important for a woman’s self-image and peace of mind.  Symmetry shapers are designed in a variety of shapes, sizes and thickness to provide optimal breast evenness and balance, so that every woman can feel self-assured in her clothing choices and when participating in everyday activities.  With just a little help, any woman can have the freedom to be herself.

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